Software Engineering

ADC’s primary focus on software is real-world interaction.

Radar and Lidar, control and signal processing

Image processing

Robotic/electromechanical control systems.

And ADC also creates WordPress websites like this one


Software Engineering

Software development in C, C++ and Python 

Scientific analysis and algorithms, digital signal processing software

Image processing and analysis (incl. OpenCV)

Flexible development approach, from simple sequential procedure to object-oriented abstraction

Real Time processing, graphical user interfaces (including Qt), data storage and networking interfaces.

Real-time embedded and networked applications.


Lidar Signal Processing Software

To fill a quick need, ADC developed a processing system in Python for reading and processing Lidar data. By using Python we open up a capability to interface to multiple existing applications that have been developed by NOAA, NCAR and DOE. 

real lidar signal processing