Ascent Design Concepts - Skill in program management and engineering of technical systems

System Design





Laser Remote Sensing


2um Laser Radar: Lidar Meteorological Measuring System

Project Manager and Chief Engineer

Coherent Technologies, Inc.

DDG 1000 Navy Destroyer




Antenna System Development Program

Program Manager

Program Manager

Comm. systems antenna

Product development for US Navy

Ball Aerospace and Tech.


Helicopter Aviation Lidar

Laser Detection of Wire For

Helicopter Safety

Product Manager, Project Manager and Chief Engineer

Pre-production development for Special Ops Command

Combined Obstacle Detection and Air Data System

Coherent Technologies, Inc.

Atmospheric Measurement Radar

Program Manager

Coordinated in-office and off-site teams.

Promoted site civil-works designs

Satellite Nav. Sensor

Star measurement camera system

Program Manager

Defense Meteorological  Spacecraft Program

Production product  for LMCO

Ball Aerospace and Technologies

Mobile Radar

Project Manager and Chief Engineer

Mobile Radar System for Indonesian Government meteorological department

World View II Satellite

Guidance and Pointing Systems

Program Manager

World View Space Craft  nav.  sensor

Production product  for Digital Globe

Ball Aerospace and Tech.

Missile Guidance System



Navy Radar Guided Intercept Missile

Software Engineering



Software control systems development